About us

We are one of the UK's fastest growing independent Label and Distributor of Rock and Heavy Metal Music with a global reach . In everything we do , we keep the artist at the centre of the spotlight providing unparallel support and opportunities to all artists. Blackdown Music owns and operates a number of businesses engaged in music production , video & audiovisual content as well as marketing and consulation services across 3 counties. We are constantly seeking out new artists and songwritters to help them develop their carreers and distribute and promote their material worldwide . Through our partner program we support numerous independent artists and other industry partners by providing them affordable tools to publish and market their music in the UK and Worldwide. Despite specialising in Rock & Metal music we distribute and promote a wide array of genres under a number of our owned businesses. 

With the music industry in a state of constant change we are continuesly researching new ways and services to provide artists and industry proffesionals with the best possible commercial options to fit their budgets and expectations allowing them to take advantage of oportunities that otherwise might not be available to them through the tradiitional channels that still exist within the music industry . 

Music is a mighty force , capable of trully changing the world and the only language that is understandable beyond all borders , language and cultural differences . We aspire to provide be the leading alternative to the music industrys dying commerical model by using music for a force of good in both our local community as well as wherever it is needed through our charity support program which sees Blackdown Music every year donate a percentage of any profit to those in need , no matter who they are , where they are and what species they are. ​ We are Blackdown Music .